William Thomas

here I AM in digital form




Art is not just about pretty things, its about who you are, what happens to us and how our lives are affected. Will proves this everyday. He is a champion of change and the future of our industry, always smart and willing to question the brief. Keep an eye on this art director in 2017, demand to work with him because you should.
— Lisa Blythman-Wood, Creative Director, VML
Will is definitely one to watch and I have no doubt he will go far as a creative.
From the moment he arrived he has thrown himself into every opportunity that’s come his way and if it doesn’t he will seek it out, making him an example to the whole creative team.
His creative thinking is exceptional, as is his competitiveness. I just wish he was better at Foosball.
— Chris Townsend, Senior Art Director, VML

My Australian Adventure

Seeking a new adventure and opportunity I travelled to Sydney for three months to challenge myself in a new environment. Working at Isobar I was deployed onto the Paypal account and immediately had to explore and learn the brand while also discovering how it adapts for the Australian market. I had a fantastic time, and if it weren't for my intention to return to the UK, I would have enthusiastically taken up their sponsorship offer and continued to work in such a beautiful country.